Regions are areas with similar characteristics. And North America is an amazingly diverse geographic setting consisting of many regions that we all have to explore and open up new adventures.

Your Mission

As the planet continues to grow into a global community, more and more travellers are interested in visiting North America. You have been charged with introducing them to this incredibly diverse continent. You have been hired by a tourism agency that is creating a website to attract travellers to North America. Your goal is to provide information to potential visitors to North America to make them aware of the what the region offers.


  • Your group will be assigned to visit and research a particular region.
  • Represent the region using the following characteristics:
    • Location
    • Topography:
    • Vegetation
    • Climate
    • Resources and Industries
    • Important Cities
    • Things to Do
  • Provide at least one map that shows where your region is located in North America.
  • Find appropriate imagesthat represent various characteristics of your region.
    • ex. photos that show the topography, tree types, or activities to do
    • Make sure images are accompanied by captions.
  • Use climographs of areas in your region and explain how they illustrate the climate conditions.
  • Explain how the characteristic nature of the region will influence people visiting this land.
    • ex. How does the climate influence people who visit the region
  • Cite your Resources using the appropriate format.
  • Organization and Webpage Layout
    • Organize your webpage in a way that it is attractive, inviting, and easy to follow by webpage visitors.
      • Make sure you use headings for each section.
      • Consider font type and size. Make the font consistent throughout the webpage.
      • Proofread for errors.
      • Include a Table of Contents (ask for help from the teacher)


Appalachian: Demirra, Wisam, Dakota W.

Canadian Shield: Mitch, Brittany, Zara

Coastal Plains: Samantha, Rocky, Moody

Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Lowlands: Sandra, Sadat, Maricris

Interior Plains: Barinder, Robert, Brittny

Intermountain Region: Klowie, Dakota Z., Susie

The Arctic: Kayla, Brandon, Keshav, Sam

Western Cordillera: Rana, Jacob, Gly

?????: Elizabeth, Jacklyn, Chris

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